Mission, Vision & Value



To produce a future through the power of the bridge among Various Countries,  cultures and values



Job (Employment) Creation

     We want create new Job (Employment) place, through BRIDGING between Bangladesh and Japan



                  ① Job (Employment) creation for Bangladeshi People 

            (For all the Bagaladeshi National both Living in Bangladesh & Japan)


          ② Job (Employment) creation for Japanese

            (Japanese people who want to work in Global Environment and specially

                                  want to take challenge and work abroad)


International Cultural Creation

     Development and expansion of international relations 


       :Become a bridge between Japan and other developping countries (Bangladesh) and try to

                    cultivate human exchange and business exchanges among them



Creation of new values



     Through the bridge between Bangladeshi and Japanese companies we want to create new value by

     multiplying the resources of each other. Moreover, we want to make social contribution and social

    impact through business




  ・ Contribute to high value-added business for all parties, through pursuing the best service

 ・ Make everyone involved in the business happy through our work

 ・ Always want to stay as an Important partner to others, through fulfilling their needs