Want to be the 'BRIDGE' to connect everyones 'DREAM'


 We believe that, there are many potential young people in Asia who want to work in Japan.

 But unfortunately, it is very difficult to achieve one’s desired Job because of language,

 customs & cultural barrier. As a result, it is very difficult to get ‘Flexible employment



 Knowing the current situation of Asia, and with the business experience in Japan/ I myself

 want to take some responsibilities and established Bridge Force Inc.


 Our aim is to become the ‘BRIDGE’ between Japan and developing countries and contribute

 for the Job (employment) creation for young people in both countries.


 Especially Bangladesh is a newly emerging country of Asia and is likely to continue the

 significant growth as a nation. We are very eager to contribute to that society through our

 business, by utilizing the talent of many young potential people who want to work

 (Both in Bangladesh and Japan).


 Moreover, we want to act as the ‘BRIDGE’ between Japanese Companies & Bangladeshi

 Companies and always contribute to high value-added business for both parties through

 pursuing the higher (best) possible service


We want to create a new value platform, through fusion of diverse values, cultural diversity

and combining the power of Asia.




Md. Bahuddin Rubal

CEO & President

Bridge Force Inc.






We want to create new entrepreneurial society in Japan. We believe that Youth, Women and

Foreigners (Int’l students) can bravely take the challenge In order to enhance a vivid &

challenging society.


We want to work together with any passionate foreign nationals Business man (individual)

who loves his own country as well as Japan and has the dream to contribute for both countries

Moreover, We want to make all the people involved with the business of our company Happy 

and always want to be important partner of them.


Our goal is to create a new value through the combination of the power of Japan and newly

emerging countries.




Sawamura Akio


Bridge Force Inc.